Into Eternity——Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository

You may not interested in documentary, and so do I. However, this is a documentary I would never forget.

You may do not like nuclear, nuclear wars and nuclear power, so do I. Nevertheless, I would tell you about the nuclear waste, about this place.

Into Eternity is a feature documentary film directed by Danish director Michael Madsen. It follows the construction of the Onkalo waste repository at the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Planton the island of Olkiluoto, Finland. Director Michael Madsen questions Onkalo’s intended eternal existence, addressing an audience in the remote future.(Into Eternity, Wikipedia)

Before I knew about Onkalo, about nuclear waste, nuclear give me only bad and terrible impression, I never thought I would get a chance to know nuclear, it is more likely not my businesses. As long as I heard a Japanese song from one of my favorite singer, it is called Onkalo, I wasn`t able to find any definition for the Onkalo in the dictionary. It made me curious about it, I found out it is a Finnish means the hidden place or the place was forgotten. Onkalo is a big facility Finnish are building to bury the waste from nuclear.

Later, I did many deeper researches, and got a chance to watch the movie that introduce this nuclear fuel repository.

As humans enter the era of nuclear energy for less than 70 years, we has produced about 300000 tons highly radioactive waste. Underground storage is only the temporary solution. Now, 5 kilometers depth underground, the Finns are building a giant construction in their country to buried the nuclear waste. This is called Onkalo nuclear waste storage, it is a 3 mile long tunnel. In 2100, this will be closed at least 100000 years and not allowed anyone to touch. 

As the way we live now, when would get the retribution? How could we warn the future-distant generations that we have nuclear waste buried underground? Nuclear waste is not like Pyramid and Pharaoh, they would never be found. 

The human being are smart, invented all the high-tech, and created a powerful weapon—nuclear. I remember that a few days ago, in the social class, our teacher lists several earth crisis, she let each of the students rank their fatalness; our final conclusion is: nuclear war is the world’s most terrible disaster. 

Nuclear is currently the world’s most lethal weapon, apparently. I just realized that because of the big earthquake in Japan 3 years ago. As experienced that disaster, Japan noticed the how dangerous the nuclear is. This is a serious problem.

Therefore people decided to “seal” the nuclear waste 5 kilometers underground. How much could the earth withstand? The selfish man would place the fuel deep underground, and without touching for 100000 years, thus they are able to sleep quietly. Hoping they will not be awoke forever, it is just the tiny wishes from human. No matter what the future would be like, that will definitely cause huge pollution to the environment.

Curiosity is irresistible.

So, why to build nuclear…?

The war… to seize… selfishness, greed, desire…

Maybe in 100000 years, even 10000 years, the “Pandora Case” would be open, and it released the devil. The devil’s historical book recorded how ugly the people are, this kind of ugly, have brought disaster to the future. So, now, what is the thing that human buried and sealed million years eventually?

They are the wonderful life,

The ugly today,

A better future,

And the woeful wishes.

Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository would be started around 2020, and they will collect all the nuclear waste before 2120. The waste are all going to be closed for 100000 years.

I am not able to live till 2120 or 100000 years later, but my future generation will. The all I can do, only tell them, I have live in this such complex, ugly today, full of wars and dangerous; also, desire would never be sealed, go and open Pandora’s box, then the truth will come out.

Into Eternity Movie:

Onkalo, Song by Eiko Shimamiya:





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