Current Event—— Koizumi: It’s up to Abe to make the move toward a nuclear-free society

In this article, Japan former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Nov. 12 used his first public session with reporters since retiring from politics to continue pressing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to abandon nuclear energy. He said that the nuclear reactors should not be restarted, and they should be abolished as early as possible. Then he talked about his tour to Finland. He visited the Onkalo repository, the final disposal site for highly radioactive waste. “Humans are curious,” Koizumi said. “Until that time, how should people tell later generations that the nuclear waste is dangerous so that future people will not try to dig it out thinking, ‘What’s this’?“Letters and languages will change. Is it really possible to continue to store for such a long period?”He also compared quake-free Finland and its stable bedrock to the situation in Japan. “Onkalo will deal with waste from two nuclear reactors. In Japan, there are as many as 54 nuclear reactors,” Koizumi said. “Besides, Japan is an earthquake-prone country and its bedrock is not strong. Where in Japan can we construct such a facility?”

I chose this article because I am usually caring about the nuclear problems, especially about Onkalo repository system, also this event took place in my favourite country Japan. As we know, Japan is a nuclear country. It built many nuclear plants although the tsunami and earthquake are frequently happening. To my surprise, the former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is against to the nuclear systems, I thought he was a political man, he would support the nuclear energy so that they could use it as many useful ways. However, now he is expressing that Japan should not use nuclear energy anymore, they should stop that as possible as they could. His voice makes me feel glad, since I do not support nuclear energy. If we no longer produce nuclear energy, then we will definitely not have anymore nuclear waste, the sigh of Onkalo is surely nonexistent.

Just like what I wrote on my blog, as the way we live now, when would get the retribution? How could we warn the future-distant generations that we have nuclear waste buried underground? Nuclear waste is not like Pyramid and Pharaoh, they would never be found.

Human is smart, yet they always creating things that would possibly hurt themselves. Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository would be started around 2020, and they will collect all the nuclear waste before 2120. The waste are all going to be closed for 100000 years. I am not able to live till 2120 or 100000 years later, but my future generation will. The all I can do, only tell them, I have live in this such complex, ugly today, full of wars and dangerous; also, desire would never be sealed, go and open Pandora’s box, then the truth will come out. Just let the nuclear waste go into eternity.



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